Why Mr. Sparkle 757?

We are industry experts that have decades of knowledge that we use to provide a benchmark level of service while preventing any damages to your property.

FLAT-FEE Monthly Packages

Transform the way you care for your home's exterior. Embrace the simplicity of our monthly packages and let us handle the rest

Lawn Standard

Includes: Mowing, Shrub Maintenance, & Seasonal Flowerbed Weed Control

Starts at: $400/month + material deposit

Exterior Standard

Includes: Mowing, Shrub Maintenance, Seasonal Flowerbed Weed Control + House & Deck Wash

Starts at: $510/month + material deposit

Exterior Plus

Everything in Standard + Mulching, Turf Care, Interior Gutter Cleaning, & Driveway Walkway Surface Cleaning

Starts at: $850/month + material deposit

Packages are custom built to meet your home needs


Our Commercial & Residential Services

Whether it is your business or home that needs a facelift, we have you covered. Our teams are trained to work on commercial and residential spaces. The best results come from regularly scheduled maintenance cleanings. When you book be sure ask about being put on the calendar for next time as well!

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Driveway & Sidewalk Surface Cleaning:

We pre-treat all surfaces with our mixed solution to kill all growing algae, then we use our surface cleaner and pressure washer to clean all the surfaces. Once all surfaces are rinsed off, we apply a post-treatment that allows your clean results to last longer. Perfect for: Residential & Commercial Properties.

Roof Wash:

Our roof washing process features a soft washing technique which utilizes solution mixtures which are powerful yet shingle friendly. Treatment is applied and it breaks down dirt & biological matter with no rinsing needed. Allowing the application to soak in and kill all the growing algae then be rinsed by rain water is how this treatment works best. Perfect for: Residential & Commercial Properties.

Fence Cleaning:

Fencing cleaning is a three step process and can be used on vinyl, metal, or wood fences For wood fencing we start by applying a soap cleaning solution to the wood, then pressure clean each board, followed by then applying a wood brightening solution. After that it is recommended to follow-up with a clear seal application that will help protect your wood for several more years.

Gutter Cleaning:

We offer full service gutter cleaning. This includes removing any debris inside the gutters, then washing out dirt and debris from gutters and downspouts, ensuring your gutters are properly channeling water away from your home. We also clean the outside of gutters and associated fascia to remove aluminum oxidation and removing the black streaking. This will ensure that your house displays a matching and total clean appearance.

Plant Protection:

You won't need to worry about the well being of your plants during any services as we pre-soak plants with heavy water before any soap solution is added to the property. We also use breathable covers to cover plants (as needed). Once we are finished with washing, we take our time to rinse off the plants one last time.

Exterior Home & Commercial Wash:

We use both systems (pressure washing & soft washing) to clean the outside of the your home or business. First, we spray our soap solution mixture to break down dirt & biological matter, then we rinse/wash with high & low pressure water. With vinyl siding we use low pressure washing and with brick & concrete areas we use high pressure washing.

Deck Wash & Wood Brightening:

Decks are cleaned with our soft wash system. Cleaning solutions will be applied and then rinsed off with low pressure. Some areas might need a little more pressure than others and we will use our adjustable wand in those areas. Using the deck brightener oxalic acid, an important step often skipped by our competitors, neutralizes the strong basic solution used to clean the deck and restores the wood’s natural color.

Wood Fence Clear Sealing:

When wood is being cleaned all of the pores are opened in the wood which allows for a thorough clean. However, if not sealed after it will also lose much of the brightened color that you worked hard to get. Sealing allows this color to lock in and last for several more years, extending the life of your wood.

Elite Spotless Window Cleaning:

We will be happy to provide the best exterior window cleaning available on the current market. We use specialized equipment that allows us to clean by using only water, and this method is possible due to reverse osmosis. No chemicals are used which is important because chemicals can very easily etch windows, which will lead to window replacement being the only option for remedy. Not to mention, it dries completely spotless.

Rust Stain Removal:

One of the most common requests we receive is rust stain removal. Luckily, we specialize in removing rust stains from any surface. Our knowledge of chemical composition combined with proper methods of application makes this possible. You can trust that we will leave your surfaces rust free.

Roof Restoration - Roof Maxx Services:

Sometimes you need a little more than a powerwash but aren’t quite ready for a new roof. We have partnered with our local RoofMaxx company to help with this. They’ve created a revolutionary roofing spray that extends the lifespan of your roof up to 15 years. This oil rejuvenates your old roof shingles, restoring their flexibility closer to that of new roof shingles. Additionally, a Roof Maxx treatment decreases the loss of the protective top coating. In both cases, this helps your roof stand up to wind, hail, and rain, just like a new roof.

A single treatment with our roofing spray puts life back into your aging roof. As soon as it’s applied, the spray goes to work immediately. The spray soaks into your dried out shingles and replaces the life-saving chemicals needed to keep your shingles strong. Our spray is impervious to weather and soaks in for up to 72 hours.

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